Randy Robertson

Randy Robertson is the musician behind the concept of forming a group like Hourglass. He and the other members grew up loving the classic rock music of the 60's 70's and 80's. He was given a guitar by his father at age six, and taught the 3 chords that were used by his dad's favorite country musician, Hank Williams. His first organized music in a school setting took place in high school. This foundation led to him being awarded a full music scholarship at Blinn Jr.College in 1979. After two years, Randy decided to continue his music education, and was accepted to study in the College of Music at renowned North Texas State University in Denton,Tx. As a part of one of the best music programs in the world, Randy got exposure to world class musicians who would go on to be famous in their own rights.

After school, Randy would stay in Denton for the next 26 years, playing music, starting a business and raising two kids. He always had the allure of Austin's music scene in the back of his mind, and in 2010, he made the move and began to find the music scene and meet the musicians he had hoped to find. The Hourglass members came together and began creating the sound which would put them in different places and venues in the "live music capitol of the world".

Lawrence Quentin

Lawrence began his musical journey at an early age, playing classic rock in junior high and high school. After a four year break to get his college degree, Lawrence recruited some of Austin's best musicians and formed the band called Your Move. Your Move performed at many of Austin's premier clubs and toured extensively throughout Texas. Lawrence recently won the 2018 "Kyle Has Talent" competition as well as the prestigious "Hondo Present" showcase. Before performing with Hourglass, Lawrence  was performing solo gigs at private functions. Lawrence brings a dynamic edge to Hourglass with his powerful vocals and solid rhythm and bass guitar.

Lawrence Quentin Promo 5.jpg


Kyle Judd

Kyle Judd is a multitalented guitarist, vocalist, arranger and live performer well known across Austin and the Central Texas area. His grasp of the different genres and styles of music found on the iconic stages of Austin has allowed him to partner with many well known area performers, infusing his flavor into the Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz and other unique styles popular in venues across the city. He regularly performs with several different bands including Deann Rene, Sharon Bourbonnais, Candy Coburn, Shelly King, David D. Stewart and the Rocking Gospel Project. Recently he joined other talented musicians in tribute projects. The Animals Songbook has been well received and he is currently rehearsing a Rolling Stones project to debut in the spring of 2019. He also fronts his own vintage rock & blues band Kyle's Kitchen. When Randy was looking for the final piece of the Hourglass trio, Kyle was a perfect fit on lead guitar, and his strong singing blended with the others in this harmony oriented vocal band. His familiarity with 70's -80's Classic Rock made him a quick study in playing the music he grew up with.